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How Precel works?
Precel is a simple system to combine unique text articles. These articles can be used in seo-positioning as posts in presell blog site directories, or for any other purporse :)
After quick and simple registration you can sign-in to Precel with Your login and password. Then You must fill some text-areas with sentences. Every sentence has to be entered in three variations, different to each other. You can enter up to 20 sentences, every one in three versions. Additionaly, You can enter words or phrases like 'phrase one#phrase two#phrase three' ect. - one of these two or more phrases separated by # sign will be randomly chosen.
After pressing "Genterate..." button, Precel gives You unique mix of your sentences. For entered full number of 60 (20*3) sentences with words/phrases randomly chosen from #-separated strings, there are very height number of combination the system can make, that's why articles are very unique. It's very hard to automatically detect a similarity of two or more different arcicles generated by Precel from one pack of good-written input datas.
The only disadvantage of the system is, that its quite boring and time-consuming to enter these all sentences. But with Precel you can spare a lot of time, so it is worth. Have fun.
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